wireless charging

German auto giant BMW is close to the beginning of batch production of wireless charging stations for hybrid and electric cars batteries.

The BMW Company was the first to offer such an option in the brand accessories catalog. The kit includes a fixed platform that is mounted on a floor and the mating part on the bottom of a car.

GroundPad wireless charging station can be installed in a garage or outdoors and connects to a car charging system attached to the underbody at a distance of about 3,15 inches by a magnetic field.

This technology allows transferring electrical energy from the network to a battery without any cables.

Once a car has reached the exact parking spot, the GroundPad generates a magnetic field and CarPad induces an electric current that then transfers to the battery.

The 3.2-kilowatt charging system allows the high-voltage batteries to be fully charged in three and a half hours.

There is a special assistant that displays instructions on the infotainment screen to accurately position the source and the receiver of energy.

Things are made a tad easier thanks to a dimensional tolerance of 2.76 inches longitudinally and up to 5.51 inches laterally.

Security facilities are also provided: energy transfer will automatically switch off, if the sensors detect an object in the charging station area – for example, a pet.

The BMW Wireless Charging can already be ordered as a leasing option for the BMW 530e iPerformance (with a 2-liter turbo engine and an electric motor with a total capacity of 252 hp). In Germany, this option costs 3205€.

It is reported that BMW will start the production of wireless charging stations in July.

The product will be available in Germany first,  followed by the markets in the UK, USA, Japan and China.